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Val’s Drilling has a superior fleet of wheel and low impact rubber tracked morooka drills & support equipment great for getting into sensitive areas where truck mount would not be feasible. All equipment is hauled in-house by the drill crew, so no waiting on 3rd party trucking which alleviates trucking costs and standby time, so we can meet project budgets & deadlines.


About Us

Val’s Drilling was established in 1990 by Val Clift and his wife Melanie. They originated as a seismic drilling company and transitioned into Geotechnical and Environmental drilling in 2006. We have completed projects throughout Western Canada & The USA. We strive to complete every job on time and on budget. Our group of experienced employees, and low employee turnover, bring the very best of the industry and will make sure every one of your jobs is stress and hassle free. From Oilsands, HDD pipelines, Potash, Coal mines, Infrastructure, Construction and Reclamation, we have the right equipment and people for the job. We look forward to working with you in making your next project a success!

Thank You From Everyone at Val’s Drilling!

Welcome Unit 007

We're welcoming our newest fleet member, 2018 Kenworth T800 Heavy Spec Tri-Drive to assist with the growing market in our HDD
We’re welcoming our newest fleet member, 2018 Kenworth T800 Heavy Spec Tri-Drive to assist with the growing market in our HDD & Mining Geotechnical operations, Capable of hauling 53,200 Kg of supplies & Drill equipment ensuring we get your boreholes to depth every-time no matter what the conditions may be!


Environmental Drilling

Val’s Drilling can fulfill all of your Environmental Drilling requirements. Our experienced staff can install any well or instrumentation you need, as well as provide any supplies needed to complete your project.

Geotechnical Drilling

Val’s Drilling and its employees have several years of combined experience with Geotechnical Drilling & Sampling our rigs are equipped with rear mount upright auger racks which eliminates the potential for injuries & increases productivity.

Odex & Core Drilling

Val’s Drilling prides themselves with Odex/Core drilling we have state of the art Tooling & Equipment that will get your Boreholes to depth faster than traditional tooling would.

HDD Geotechnical

Val’s Drilling has an extensive resume in completing large HDD Geotechnical Investigations. All our units are self contained and can carry all the tooling and supplies over great distances through rugged terrain without damaging vegetation or soils.

Water & Gravel Trucks

Val’s Drilling has water & gravel trucks for hire. Whether it’s bulk water for your drill program, or contaminated soil you need to dispose, we are your go-to solution for h2o and gravel truck services.

Track Support Units

Val’s Drilling has a combination of rubber tracked Morooka 800MST 2 speed, Morooka 1500MST & Yanmar C-50 Support units capable of supporting all drilling operations from heated water tanks, air compressors for drilling, enclosed & heated or open environment mud containment/shaker systems(Mud Puppy) 

– SAFETY above all else –

Val’s Drilling is committed to the protection from accidental loss of all its resources, including employees and all physical assets. The following are certifications and affiliations we are a part of. Please contact the head office for further inquires.



Val’s Drilling is backed by many great client relationships and we are always looking to work with new clients and teams for any drilling services that may be required.


The Val’s Drilling team is here to work with you on getting projects complete on time and on budget from the office to the field, we’re to help every step of the way.


Our drill crews have many years of drilling experience and go through copious amounts of safety training, competency and mentorship bringing you Safe, Productive & Quality work.


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